Jer's minor correction doesn't alter the fact that Combe only has 2 pros in its favour concerning trackdays, as Dan pointed out; proximity and food. I've ridden every regular trackday circuit in England and Wales (except Croft, Lydden Hill and Rockingham), and raced at a number of them too. Combe even sits below Llandow in my list of preferences for the following reasons:
1) Draconian noise limits
2) ten minutes/hour track time
3) Compulsory out-laps following an instructor
4) Boring layout - all right-handers, apart from the chicanes
6) it's very BUMPY!
I've pretty much stopped doing trackdays now, but I'd rather drive 3 hours to Cadwell than ten minutes to Combe for track time. You pays yer money, you makes yer choice. For a first-timer it's probably fine, but there are many far better places to ride on track, shame they're all so far away. Never mind, the Circuit of Wales will be finished soon... won't it?