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    Quote Originally Posted by Wes View Post
    Have a go mate, or the next time Im doing a tyre change you are welcome to pop over and see how its done
    Cheers I might take you up on that. Just looking on YouTube at some videos of changing them and it don't look to bad to be honest, think il see about getting an old wheel and tyre and practicing on it, that way if I bugger it up its not the end of the world.

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    Theres a few that use zip ties rather than tyre levers, this is better if you have expensive wheels, plus you can re use the ties rather than just cutting them off .

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    Jaydee would fit tyres to loose wheels for a kebab...

    With the right kit it’s quite straightforward, and road bike wheels are robust enough, unlike Dymag race wheels that I’ve witnessed rims bending when subjected to ham-fisted tyre lever use...
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    I used to charge 20 per wheel, thats removing from bike and replacing all done. including balance, new valve and disposal of old tyres.
    that along with places like M&P undercutting the price of the tyres to below the actual cost we can buy them for means its not worth us doing tyres.
    while out the wheel bearings and pads were checked, Ive known places have to remove calipers to get wheel out and not torque back up again. the old Triumph 955 series were a pain as if left the eccentric bush corroded into the swing arm, could take a couple of hours to get out. time you cant charge for.
    on the other hand, this week a pair of budget tyres for my spare car cost 86 all in.

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