sounds like your experience is in line with a lot of reviews, have discounted them permanently now. looking for a 600 to share the garage with my blackbird, as my blackbird has a fat arse to get down through some tightish twisties that we encounter on the WB rideouts as Burbler can testify to with his one plus i'm not as light nimble and flexible as i was in my yoof

sounds like you know the ZZR pretty well, will have to bring it over to you for a tune and once over when i get it

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any zzr 600 pre 2000 will probably need carb diaphragms as well, Ive worked on 3 and all the same ,also the small filters in the carbs get blocked.
my youngest had his eye on a budget bikes item, we made sure owner was there to take his up to trade in, the owner wasn't there and away. made another appointment he was at home. waited half hour and he turned up. then he found faults with our bike. we then asked to look at the one we were interested in, he then said it wasn't there, his mate was using it. had to wait another hour for his mate to turn up with said item. it was in a worse state than the one we wanted to trade in.
best to ask around, our local van rental owner had a very tidy ZZR1100 with panniers for sale at a reasonable price, as usual Caveat Emptor, buyer beware!!