personally I dont hold much faith in "FSH" as you say dealers can and do fudge it, it just helps with the resale to those that refer to FSH as the holy grail. my last service and MOT was over 200 and all i can see they "did" was change the oil and filter if they did it at all.
i used to have a vectra also, a 2000 2.5 GSi. i used to service that myself, plugs, filters inc cabin filter etc all good fun especially when you have the tools

so next time i need a service do i give you a shout

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this is the thing about service history. if you find it a hard job then when the likes of Fwlers charge 99 for a 4 cyl service you wonder how they can afford to do it. I would be between 175 and 200. that's both filters, oil, fluids and plugs. Ive serviced bikes from there and Blade/Geo Whites where its been obvious the air filter hasn't ben changed and when come to it if that hasn't been done then neither has the plugs.
my vectra car has just done 65,000 miles on the same set of NGK plugs, still ok, but a pig of a job as you have to remove the plenum chamber, found rear bank deep in oil. not much different to a big bike but service charge around 350 indi or 450 at a GM dealer. many dealers don't change the plugs (or air filters) as they know owners wont check, the oil filter can be seen so needs to be clean, I have also known dealers wipe the can style oil filters clean to make it look like they have been changed. they assume the low mileage we do wont matter for another year, that's ok as long as done next time.