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  1. dangerous bike spares. 
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    just had two emails from trade suppliers...

    The clampdown on the sale of sulphuric acid in the wake of horrific criminal attacks and its potential use in explosives is about to have far-reaching effects for motorcycle battery resellers and consumers who could face jail and a large fine if they break the new law.

    From 1 July it will be become illegal for a member of the public to purchase a motorcycle battery that is supplied with a separate acid pack without them holding an Explosives Precursors and Poisons (EPP) licence.

    From the beginning of next month all motorcycle batteries must be filled by the retailer before being sold to a member of the public in the UK who does not possess a valid EPP licence.

    The new legislation means sulphuric acid has been reclassified as a regulated substance and members of the public wishing to acquire, possess or use sulphuric acid above a 15% concentration will need an EPP licence to do so.
    blah blah there was more.

    the basis is if you want to buy batteries Motobat and filled are ok but you need to get your acid filled battery pre filled at the dealer. Tayna and other onlines wont be able to sell acid packs, online sales will need photocopies of EPP licence and need special price increase.

    there is a way out.. Consumers who want to buy batteries with separate acid packs need to apply and receive a valid EPP licence, at a cost of £39.50, prior to purchase.

    From 1 November 2018 it will become an offence to possess or use sulphuric acid at concentrations of over 15%, without a valid EPP licence. This includes bottles of battery electrolyte that have not yet been put into a motorcycle battery.

    so, if you are driving home with your newly purchased battery and acid pack you could get a fine or imprisonment if you don't have your licence.

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    There is always a knock on effect...
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    My whole life of buying batteries, i've never had one, car or bike, with a seperate acid pack.

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    I brought a battery for my triumph trophy from eurocarparts a week or so ago that came with a separate bottle of acid to fill it with.
    However I was a grown up, I wore gloves, goggles and filled the battery exactly as the instructions told me to, at NO point did I throw any in someone's face or even have the urge to, just like 99.99999% of normal people. But hayho a few people did so we have to work on the assumption that EVERYONES gonna start doing it and ban it. Maybe we need to ban belts/sting/shoelaces etc next just incase the "youths of today" learn about garrotting.

    And as for the £39.50 epp license that's just laughable, you can't buy battery acid incase it's secretly to burn someone's face of, but for the bargain price of 40 quid we will take your word the acids for your battery.

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    I'm just sitting here in a mixed state of giggling and stewing at the stupidity of this new law. So i could get a fine and even go to prison for having a bottle of battery acid on a shelf in my garage but it's perfectly ok to have that same acid stored on the same shelf in the same garage as long as it's being stored in a battery rather than in a bottle. Madness!!
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    My last three have all had separate acid packs, and the last one came in the post.
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