Ah yes I remember the twat ! after about a minute of being behind me he turned into the golf course or was it the home for asshole drivers. i find it best not to get flustered as that leads to riding mistakes. a few years ago i would have pulled up to a stop let him go, follow him and when appropriate produce my warrant card and watch as the brown stuff hits the deck and their face go white while giving them suitable words of advice

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Only had this issue a few times with cars when on the bike, but wanted a second opinion on best steps to take.

On on the ride out on sunday after leaving Stratford-upon-Avon I was following trev_p with about a 2-second gap down a single lane a-road. The road was posted 50mph, we were doing 50mph and about in the middle of the group. Checking my mirrors an Audi had joined behind me and quickly closed the gap on me, tailgating. I don't really like this, prefer space front and back. I'd read online before you could slow down to a bit below the speed limit, (gently engine braking/pulling in the clutch, no big handfuls of brake) then give a burst of acceleration back into space. I've done this before and in the past the car closed the gap again, I repeated slow down/speed up and he got the message in the end and finally stayed back leaving me some space. Anyway yesterday this guy didn't get the message, third time he then overtook into the new space between me & trev, made a few rude gesture to me, to which I responded in disbelief, then he closed right in on Trev and continued to tailgate until he turned off around a quarter mile later. Not nice to see this jerk then right behind trev (who sat stoicly at a constant speed) ignoring this audi revving and braking just behind him.

What would you do?

There were signs all down the side of the road telling bikers to 'ride safe', I was waiting for one telling car drivers to not be tw*ts to point out to him, but they don't print them :/

Cheers - luke