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    Quote Originally Posted by Burbler View Post

    ...and none of it on the ******* pavement
    Dear Lord, we would have been shot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Last Train View Post
    Really ?

    I lived on mine
    Me too , went to school on it , did my paper round on it , and most of my spare time was spent on a pushbike . It was a Raleigh Jeep ! Loved that bike

    I then got a Raleigh Randonneur , went to work on it , did my shopping , went on holiday on it , cycled from Cornwall to wilts , went to the Lake District on it , I did thousands of miles on that bike , in fact it was push bikes and this one in particular that got me into Motorbikes . I've had it almost 30 years and restored it to it's former glory 4 years ago , I think they call it " Retro " now . It still gets a bit of exercise now and again . Do you reckon it's the right colour Larry ?


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    Just me it seems then . i hated em, I walked my paper round everyday about 3 miles with an old shopping basket on wheels with the papers in. Dunno what it is about them I dont like cause I love motorbikes, I think it's maybe that I'm not coordinated enough to work my arms and legs at the same time , I loved roller skating though and was crap at that and always falling over so maybe I just didn't stick with pushbikes enough to enjoy them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badgerroy View Post
    Iv just bled my brakes on my own in less than 2 minutes with this little bleed tool. I'm sure it's not a new invention but it was to me so may be to someone else on here. It's just a bit of pipe with a 1 way valve on it, stick it on your nipple (ooer mrs) undo half a turn then pump your brake lever a couple of times, do up, job done. Best £2 ever spent.
    Fitted new front pads yesterday after a pretty strong 'advisory'. Now have difficulties with back pain due to crawling around and exerting pressures in weird directions / positions.

    Was looking forward to using this thingy but it would not fit over nipples. Warmed it, shoved a screwdriver up it to no avail. Drat, foiled again.
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