Just an update, got to a two dayer at Snetterton, and it was apparent very quickly that the problem hadn't been solved. Spent the next two days with limited track time, only having three gears is a distinct disadvantage, tho that said, I still managed to get by another rider . Took the bike in and bit the bullet with a complete replacement of all the gears. Ready just in time for the main event, a three dayer at Portimau circuit Portugal. Day 1 done, and all seemed to be going ok, got one session in on day 2, and a spark plug blew out, the threads had gone on the head, and it was impossible to get anything to stay in with the compression. A bit disappointed to say the least, but it was 30 degrees at the end of September, so it wasn't all bad.
Got the bike back to the UK, and one of the Guys in the paddock said he would help me out to get it repaired. True to his word, hes done a fantastic job getting it sorted, so well looking forward to getting in a few days next year