After the huge response that I got to my last epic trackday resume, I thought I’d make this one a lot more compact and easy to read ;-)

Oulton Park, Tues / Wed 15/16th July with Shammy and Mark (WB member).

Day 1: damp start but dried mid-morning and a lovely sunny day.
Inters a bit of a crashfest until a lunchtime “word” by No Limits, afternoon a lot better.
Bike went well and had lots of fun.
Shammy & Mark had fun and went well in the novices.

Evening: Nice local pubgrub in the evening sunshine.

Day 2: warm & dry until after mid-afternoon so we packed up before the rain got heavier (we were all knackered so didn’t mind). Shammy & Mark in the Inters and both had more fun and got better & better.

General: Both days quite erratic speeds and quality of riding, some slicks & warmers in the Novices! and close unnecessary passes in the Inters. Very nearly took a guy out who made a last minute lunge for the pits as I was overtaking him.
Looking forward to some go-pro footage as a guy I met last year lent me his for a couple of sessions to tail him.
Many thanks to Shammy and Mark for making it a fun couple of days.

So….. where next ?????

Cheers all….