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11-06-17, 06:51 PM
Blissed right out ! , so glad we didn't cry off because of the weather , nice to spend the day with you all again , Thanks Larry , they're always a little bit special those jaunts into the Welsh mountains !!! :cool: And the bike works in the rain again !


11-06-17, 07:36 PM
Good to catch up again DC, is the tailpack still there ? :)

11-06-17, 07:46 PM
Good to catch up again DC, is the tailpack still there ? :)

Good to see you too , our Wesley ! Yep the tailpack's intact :p

11-06-17, 08:05 PM
Well now...'where does one start ?' one asks oneself.

Must have been a long day for the Trolls, Swindonians and WsM peeps. Thanks all for coming, 'specially LT for leading the prelim and of course to R & R for looking after our backsides.

Rain arrived exactly as we pulled into the cafe area for lunch and had abated before we left. It's called 'planning'.

Unfortunately we had a little more at precisely the wrong time as we were on my favourite bit. Also a few gusts of wind that were a little disconcerting.

Highlight of the day was being kettled by a large quantity of the local fuzz (were looking for a knicked bike).

Going over the resevoir, I was going to curtail the last 2 climbs and head directly for home, but by the time we bottomed out, it was sunbeamy again.

Seems we lost a JM and a few went up a 'no through road' and had to backtrack. On the way home I reckoned that that was the reason for there being no marker. Probably thought that of the 2 choices, everyone else would see that sign and go tother way. Ho hum.

Finally dear reader motorway sign said 'A4 closed' (due to yet another 'running / bicycle event). Of course I wanted M49 > A4 then 2 mins to home. Now I had to detour 10 miles or so M4 > M32 and right through town, Temple Meads. Bedminster and down the river.

Once again, thanks all. Good company, sensible riding, good JM ing.

11-06-17, 08:17 PM