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13-09-15, 05:51 PM
Well, what can I say, apart from a very abject apology for the confusion at the end of the afternoon section of the run. Having run out of people to mark junctions due to apparently a very early mix up where a Bath Classic guy left his post before the last man came through Ė donít worry he will be punished - I went back to the last turn to be met with Don who had collected the classics on the way through with the moderns. I tagged back in and then managed to foul up by accidentally letting someone go from his post, then missing some people when they turned round to come back and it all fell apart from then on, doh. I hope everyone found their way back to the Magpies or made it home ok.
Iíve never seen a car park clear so fast, one minute we were standing outside the Magpies and someone pointed out an approaching black cloud. Don & I went in to thank the pub and collect helmets and when we came out the car park was empty of bikes! It started to spot as we left and when we got o Seend it then p*ssed down all the way back to the edge of Trowbridge where it stopped and we arrived to our side of town on bone dry roads and with odd looks from the neighbours as we dripped up the garden path! I can confirm that of all the kit I had on, only my gloves & helmet are waterproof and Don advises in his case it was just his helmet.
Having counted the slightly damp cash, you will be pleased to hear that you raised £240 which will be split between Dorothy House and Macmillan
Many thanks to you all

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Was a real shame I couldn't make this year. Sounds like you were unlucky with the rain at the end of day, we didn't have any here at all!

Is that the last one Judy or can you be convinced to run it again? Happy to help scope the route next year etc, it's always an enjoyable ride

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Sorry Dabz, I've decided that's it. I've had a couple of offers from both WB and Bath Classic people willing to help out but I've decided to take a rest from the Five Horses routes - I think after 20 years I've done virtually all combinations/variations available lol. We may look at doing another run to replace it but in the meantime WB are of course welcome along on the Lifeboat Run and if there is anyone on here with a 350cc or less we also do a Spring Chicken and a Chicken Run. I'll publicise the dates near the time.

Rain? I think it was just a personal shower for me & Don, it started as we left the Magpies and stopped as we passed Tesco in Trowbridge :p