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19-05-15, 08:22 PM
Had a thought,,

With all the W/B members there must be some that have handy trades, and as we are all biker buds lol and like helping each other...

Would it be possible to put a link on the forum to members trade.. if there is no room passably get rid of a low used post to replace it with this..

That way we could ask said member if they could do work/ get advice/ recommend good traders,, and also get there details from pm's, if needed..

this would solely rely on members putting up there trades,,

20-05-15, 07:11 PM
Sounds like a great Idea... everyone likes "mate's rates!"

20-05-15, 08:54 PM
Yup great idea!

23-05-15, 11:19 AM
Great can we make a sticky post then plz Dabs..

23-05-15, 05:25 PM
I'll get Dave to create a whole new forum section for it, maybe below the classifieds/wanted bit - it's a great idea

Uber Dave
23-05-15, 07:04 PM
Will try my best on my phone.

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Uber Dave
23-05-15, 07:10 PM
Sorted, it's under classified and called WB Traders

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24-05-15, 01:27 AM
cheers boys

28-06-15, 09:27 PM
Come on Lady's and Gent's don't be shy there must more peps with handy trades or skills to add to the trade page

06-08-15, 02:21 PM
I've added a Plastic Welding thread to the Trade list. (Green light from Admin)