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19-07-10, 12:38 PM
The day started really well, Ryan wasnt tooooo late for once....
the bikes both started and ran well, and were previously washed, serviced and ready to go.
a small ride on the road from mine, of about 1/4mile puts you right on the edge of salisbury plain, and some flat dusty tracks near to some tank training hills (great to ride but out of bounds im afraid) and a warm up ride of about 5 miles before you get to a river crossing.....in the hot summer you can ride through here, but the rain had made it a little too deep to chance......so we wimped out and used the bridge.
another ride on the flat dusty "stoney roads" that are used by convoys of army trucks and tanks, past Larkhill and on past Shrewton.
a small rest break and to see if the bikes were still ok was taken and also to allow a horsey rider to pass us in peace.
we eventually got to the garage at Tillshead 25 minutes early and had ourselves a nice brew.....
Ade turned up early, fuelled up and joined us for a cuppa before we set off to wilton.
a detour across salisbury plain was taken so that Ryan could ride his most favourite ever "Bumpy" road! the track has a series of jumps that you have to go at just the right speed for, else youre likely to "Face Plant" on the gravel.....
we stopped at the end (well, some of us did, one of us had a bit of a head on with me....and i wasnt even on the bike (its ok Ade, no damage done to the foot)... ;-)
we discovered that Ades front brake was playing up so a 20 mile detour to my "Outlaws" workshop where we "borrowed" some tooling and oil and were off again!.......well, two of us are, one has decided to go to A+E.... (you ok now Ade)???...
the weather seems to be brighter now, and me and Ry decide to go to Shaftsbury, after all its only 20 miles away on a track i havent been down for about ten years!.....
some of that track didnt seem to be "Very familiar" though and we ended up somewhere we didnt expect......coming DOWN the shaftsbury twisty hill with really sharp hairpins....on full motocross knobbly tyres!!!!.........we stopped for a quick photo shoot before going to the lunch stop (the best greasy Spoon in the world!) in Shaftsbury for the biggest fry up ive EVER seen............
the ride home consisted of a well known (to me) route, losing ryan at one point (route was not well known to him!), having numerous breaks due to "motorcoss bike seat numbness" and a gentle ride across the same flat stoney tracks back to mine......via a river crossing that we did manage to get through....

the day was long, covering approx 70 miles, started at 9am and finished at 6pm, involved 3 fuel stops, NO pub stops, NO breakdowns (bike or human) and no broken bones (Ade to verify after todays visit to A+E)..... ;-)

same again next weekend?........

Ryans got some photos, il get him to put them up here....


19-07-10, 03:16 PM
Sounds like a wicked day [smiley=thumbsup.gif] Hope your ok Ade :-?

19-07-10, 06:13 PM
cool. sounds fun!

19-07-10, 07:59 PM
Sounds like a good day out! ;D


21-07-10, 11:29 AM
You OK now Ade? What was the A&E verdict then? Maybe you best lend me your bike for the Wales trip instead! ;D

27-07-10, 12:58 AM
.....sorry chaps .... only just noticed this thread of Jaydee's !!!.
Yeah..sorry Jaydee about using your foot to stop me but I'd forgotten in the excitement that I had no front brake so nothing happened when I pulled on the lever.

Been 8 days since my accident and of course we all know now that Rinksy had a worse off the following Sunday (25th)... as per lots of Facebook posts the last 36 hours. Get well soon Ryan and yake your time getting back.

My shoulder is still very tender and sore but I have been trying to keep it moving. Arm not in a sling to support shoulder because of a medical condition I have that could cause frozen shoulder if I have it inactive with arm in sling.

I'm hoping to try driving car in next couple of days ... you don't realise how much force you need to change gear until you've knackered your left shoulder !!
Hoping to be back on road bike next week sometime if shoulder OK to bear weight leaning on handlebars.

See you soon hopefully.
Ade [smiley=thumbsup.gif]